Since end of the year 2013, By the goal of starting an e-business which provides translation services in English-Persian, Writer Online Translation has been established by Farangis Rahigh Aghsan, a Freelance Translator graduated from Azad University of Tehran in English Translation major, who had previously cooperated with a cultural institute as a translator to translate some specialized texts, and also has recently cooperated with a well known Iranian newspaper to translate some specialized articles in ICT field, and also has 11 years of professional working experience as importation and sales planning manager at well known and international companies.   

Since the middle of the year 2016, Writer Online Translation has started to cooperate with a certified NAATI translator, Mr. Kamran Afshar to present NAATI translations services to those who are going to take an immigration or tourist visa for Australia and is presenting the translation services in the field of official documents translation.

Furthermore, Writer Online Translation has began the above mentioned job along with cooperating with Australian immigration offices which has made it able to present an appropriate translation service especially in this field.

It should be mentioned that all the Persian articles in this site, have been chosen from several sources and have been translated into Persian language and there are also some articles which have been translated for the well known Iranian newspaper by Farangis Rahigh.

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Farangis Rahigh Aghsan